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A big ol' blast from the past:

Everyone reviews new music. But what about old music? Don't the classics deserve a good look-see every now an then? Especially if it’s the kind of hidden gem many people probably missed, or never knew existed at all. At No Surf, we know if you haven’t heard it, it’s new to you.

Plus, there’s just something about vinyl records. In this age of digitized music and commercialized superstars, it’s good to know that any flea market or local record store still holds links to the past, forgotten ties to the musicians we love today. But more than that, listening to music on vinyl is a spiritual experience. The art was so much more vivid, the albums so well crafted. Pulling the record out of the sleeve, smelling that old-paper smell, hearing that satisfying click of needle hitting plastic, it all adds to the experience. Plus it just sounds better. That’s why we’re blowing the dust off the covers of some of the best albums you may never have heard.

Here are the rules: the reviewer must own the album being reviewed on vinyl, and the review must be done while listening to that vinyl version... no taking shortcuts and pulling out the iPod to avoid getting up and flipping over the record. We’ll try to stick mostly to the forgotten classics, but as always the rule goes: if we like it, we’ll review it! Every month another one goes on the turntable and ends up here!






They Might Be Giants album cover


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