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The Lowdown:

Daphne Lee Martin

Based In:
New London, Connecticut



Interview Date:
October 18, 2015

Interview Location:
Bossy Grrl's Pin Up Joint, Columbus, Ohio

Dig & Be Dig (2011), Moxie (2013), Frost (2014), Fall On Your Sword (2015)

Americana, alt country, rock, indie rock, operatic rock, progressive rock, hip-hop, spoken word, eclectic rock


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Daphne Lee Martin



January 18, 2016



#38 Daphne Lee Martin

by Jason D. 'Diesel' Hamad


When one of your favorite people (not to mention musicians) skips by your town, a two-hour drive ain’t much to sweat. So when Daphne Lee Martin’s plans to play in Cleveland for her Afterglow tour fell through, I hopped in My Stately Manor and chugged it down to a burlesque bar in Columbus to catch the show. So while dealing with load-in and a few technical difficulties on my end, Daphne and I chatted away. We copped a squat in a back room—still chatting away—and I set my computer down on a table covered in naked lady pictures. At some point, I started recording right in the middle of the conversation, totally forgetting for a while that we had planned an actual interview. But then again, natural conversations are what Burning River Fireside Chats are about, so no worries.

Martin is a mixologist among musicians, especially on her new album, Fall On Your Sword. As we discuss in the interview, she blends everything from classical to rap throughout the album, sometimes within a single song. She’s also a multitasker within the music industry, not only writing and performing her own music, but also as the owner of a label, recording studio, and vinyl record shop in her hometown of New London, Connecticut. This explains why our discussion ranged through everything from the monetary mess of both the music and literary scenes to the varied cultural influences that came into play with this album. We also managed to fit in a little bit about one of the coolest aspects of this tour, a show she and tourmate Francis Lombardi performed online via Concert Window from room 8 at the Joshua Tree Inn—which just happens to be a few hundred yards up the road as I write this—the very spot where the great Gram Parsons met his demise. Oh, and psychoactive drugs. Somehow those came up, too…

I had a lot of fun catching up with Daphne, and I’m sure whether you’re an old fan or just learning about her, you’ll enjoy listening to her perspective on music, the meaning of life, the universe, and everything. So, with winter upon us and the nights long and cold—even here in the great Mojave Desert—have a seat by the campfire and join Daphne and me for a chill session. I promise, you’ll feel like an old friend soon enough, too.



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