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A note from Editor Jason D. 'Diesel' Hamad

I’ve experienced a thousand times more great music in dive bars, beer-soaked clubs, barns, and living rooms than I’ve ever seen in corporate-sponsored arenas, stadiums, or amphitheaters.

The value of music as art, as cultural touchstone, as inspiration, and as plain entertainment has only grown as our society has become more complex, and the value of individual artists has only increased as our culture has become more homogenized. And yet we live in a time when music has lost its monetary value. As technology has progressed, the music industry has seen its top acts bow to an ever-lowering common denominator, even as an ever-widening group of people are able to make their own music and distribute it to the masses craving something more substantial than what gets played on the radio. You won’t find great music there anymore. You’ll have to search those dives, those clubs, those barns, and those living rooms where the real magic of music is made these days. You’ll have to get cds or vinyl or download cards straight from the hands of the artists, because corporate media only cares about what makes the most money, not about what deserves to be heard.

You can do all that, or you can get some help. That’s what No Surf Music is here for. This site was founded in Cleveland in 2011 on the principles that great music deserves serious analysis and that music journalism can and should be art in itself. We’re still based in Cleveland, but these days we’re crisscrossing America from the redwood forests to the Gulf Stream waters in a Chevy camper van named My Stately Manor, searching every theater, club, and dive bar for the kind of music that deserves to be heard, whether it comes from a name you know or one of the thousands of independent musicians laboring in obscurity across the nation. Their voices may not be as loud as those sandwiched between the fast-food ads on your morning commute, but they put everything into their art because they love real music, because they’ve got something to say, and because they want you to hear it. At No Surf, we work to highlight those artists for the same reasons.

Here you’ll find analysis of the best new albums in The No Surf Review, interviews with the artists you need to know in Burning River Fireside Chats, and pictures and videos from the most engaging live performances in North Coast Nights. An all-new Featured Review is published the first Tuesday of every month, followed two weeks later by a brand new Bonus Feature or a few Reviews in Brief. The Burning River Fireside Chats podcast series is currently on hiatus, but will return with regularly scheduled monthly instalments in the near future. Our North Coast Nights series showcases original photos and videos of live performances from across the country.

So what's wrong with surf music?

The answer is... Nothing!

The name No Surf Music comes from a 1979 song by the Euclid Beach Band, "There's No Surf in Cleveland." It's half surf rock, half heartland rock, all North Coast pride. Cheesy? Maybe, but we love Cleveland and we love music, so No Surf Music was born. Members of the Ventures and Jan & Dean fan clubs, you're welcome here, too.

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